LG TV repair not with your own hands

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Hello dear visitors to the blog, I have not written an article in the “Personal Safety” heading for a long time, in the light of recent events I decided to post an article on a blog on LCD TV repair.

I chose the title of the article, as opposed to requests for how to repair a TV with a set-top box: do-it-yourself TV repair and LG TV repair with your own hands.

For personal reasons, I try not to write scandalous articles on the blog, but with what I had to face when troubleshooting a problem with the TV,

my citizenship made me describe this process in detail and warn citizens about fraud in the service sector.

I’ll start the story with the fact that after some events that happened to me,

who abruptly changed my permanent residence, somehow miraculously influenced the failure of half of the equipment during a week of absence at the place of permanent deployment.

Half of the home appliances burned out and broke down at once.

Out of the overall equipment, a TV, a washing machine, a microwave oven, and also little things: a hair clipper, a compressor for pumping air, a bicycle, etc.

Where and how to find a service center.

Let’s move on to the topic of troubleshooting a TV problem.

Naturally, after you understand that your equipment has broken down, a decision comes to your mind to find a repair service to fix the problem.

The question arose: “How to repair an LG TV?”

When searching on the Internet for “LG TV repair”, the official website of the company came out, with a representative office in the region.

I will not provide links to the resource “dropped out” from the search, so as not to increase the referrals and conversion to the twin site.

I will describe the process of fraud by the Mir company, which I had to deal with.

Perhaps this firm (firms) also has twin sites not only for LG, but also for other well-known brands.

A certain structure operates under this brand and the name of the company is a screen for cover.

I would like to note that the head office in Moscow is probably a network of dissimilar companies that ultimately generate income for one combiner who uses human resources in the form of hired equipment repairmen, phone calls, and couriers.

Let’s put the events in order from the moment of the call to the repair service and before the choice of the person who contacted the service center arises, which in the end can be obtained:

leave the equipment where the “master” who arrived on request, or, you can get by with a little blood and pay at a minimum, for the fact that the equipment was taken and taken away, and it is not clear how the transportation process took place and in what conditions.

Accordingly, we are no longer talking about repairs, but about not “sticking” to the money for the equipment, which an honest citizen, without suspecting anything, hands over to a service center.

So, after the site with the official representative of LG in the region was highlighted, a pleasant young voice answered me, who immediately plunged headlong into my problem and said that our official representative of LG would repair your equipment in a short time right at your home,

and in a “hard” case, a repairman who leaves on request will take it for diagnostics, repair it and return it back to the place where you took it for free, you will pay only for parts and work.

Please leave only your address and the master will arrive as soon as he is free.

After 40 minutes, the “master” was at the door, I was not at home at that time, and therefore the representative of LG was met by my soul mate.

“Master” – a young man with a face, as they used to say in the USSR, a petroleum worker, went straight to the unit on the move, pulling out a “Contract” on providing data about “oneself” and providing an act of acceptance and transfer for “complex diagnostics.”

The task of the “master” is to initially “drag” out of your apartment at the request, as much as possible, using the act of acceptance and transfer.

Also, there was a proposal for in-depth diagnostics of the console.

To which the spouse replied in bewilderment that the remote control was killed and it was easier to buy this device than to carry out “complex diagnostics” for it.

Honestly, there is nothing to diagnose there, except to disassemble the remote control every three months, wipe the backing and silicone insert with graphite buttons with alcohol, or keep the remote control in cellophane.

Immediately, along the way, it is announced that the TV belongs to deep and complex diagnostics, which is possible only in laboratory conditions in a repair service.

This conclusion is made to the “eye”, after listening to the owner’s complaint about the faulty device.

Further, the Agreement comes into play, which has already been prepared in advance for signature.

On the photo the contract of the company “MIR”, the pen has been corrected the tariff for courier delivery.

Upon careful examination of the not very high-quality copy, the size of the courier service fee was striking, which, in the event of the Customer’s refusal to provide service, amounts to 450 rubles for small-sized equipment and 900 rubles for large-sized equipment under the contract.
To the question:
– “Why does the representative office charge a fee for picking up the equipment, because the website states that this service is free of charge and the operator also confirmed this during a telephone conversation?”
The answer came:
– “This is in case of refusal of the service, and here, the old prices are indicated, and the new ones are not 450 rubles, as in your case with small-sized equipment, but only 250 rubles.”

Technics in the service center

Well, then the fun begins.
After the TV set is taken not by the master, but by the courier, who purposefully arrived for the equipment, the next day, the dialers enter the “battle”.

In the photo, the manager’s phone number with a prepared claim template
The young man introduces himself as a “foreman” in equipment repair who has just opened the TV and calls you to make a decision on replacing burnt parts.
The phone number corresponds to the region, but the voice is too young 20-25 years old, for a master who has a lot of clever names in his vocabulary, pronounced without hesitation.
The “master” begins to rub in that your power supply unit and stabilizer of some kind of nonsense, with some kind of personal belongings, have burned out. (By the way, I myself was once engaged in the commissioning of the automation of instrumentation and automation in the fuel and energy sector).
The price of the issue will be 3,500 rubles, but that’s not all.
Also, the voice on the other end of the tube says that it is possible that the transformer in the monitor inverter has also burned out (it is very hard to hear from the first time) and it cannot be checked in any way, except how to replace the power supply with a new one by soldering it into the board on the TV …
The price of the issue, replacing the transformer, if it turns out after soldering the power supply that it is not working, will be in the region of 15,000 thousand rubles
To the question:
– “Why can’t you check the operation of this transformer with a third-party power supply?” – followed the ingenious answer.
– “Power needs to be applied only on a new soldered power supply unit which will cost 3500.
Otherwise, the transformer, if it is still alive, will burn out. ”

And then a question follows to fill in, until the owner of the equipment changes his mind.
– “We are changing the power supply for 3500”?
In response to the question:
– “Are you sure the power supply burned out?”
After all, the TV shows, the malfunction is that the TV screen is blinking like a car’s turn signal.
And most likely, the backlight diode burned out, there is even a diagnostic method on the Internet by flashing the power lamp.
The simplest diagnostics by pressing and holding the power lamp shows this? ”
There is a voluminous and also brilliant explanation going nowhere:
– “The TV burned out from a power surge and it is not working, but will only show the opening and replacement of the power supply, and this was revealed during the” complex diagnostics “.
Here, the factor is that the TV is already in the representative office of a large company (as if, but you do not know about it) and the very fact that it has already been delivered and at the place of the master,
Although, despite the young voice, the latter, judging by the conversation, is very versed in this, the natural next logical move is to approve the replacement of the power supply and repair the TV, completing the repair epic as soon as possible.

Having communicated the conversation in detail to the other half, together we logically come to the conclusion that even with the replacement of the power supply, we have no guarantee that the TV will work.
From the word at all.
And the next move for divorce will be a message that you have a monitor inverter transformer.
On the next call, when the caller tried to push through a psychologist-teacher with experience, it turned out that if the transformer is burnt out, then you will pay 3500 tr. for the supplied power supply.
Accordingly, the transformer will already have to be installed automatically, since the wallet is already open.
Here, you need to quickly think, as soon as your TV is opened and what is soldered into it, then, accordingly, you will not really know.
And also you will not know what actually was there.

And as it later turned out that the service company does not issue an act on “complex diagnostics”. It can be ordered separately and will cost around 1,500 rubles.

In fact, no one diagnoses you, but simply taking your TV hostage, they begin to bargain with you about the amount of money that can be “diluted” individually with an approach to each “caught” client.

It is clear that these inconsistencies and explanations of the “master-repairman”, “master-courier” and “operator of orders” and the text of the Agreement itself, it is clear that this is some kind of bad organized group, moreover, young people themselves do not understand it, or maybe deliberately, do not quite right things.
It is necessary to immediately refuse this service, which I did immediately.
After 10 minutes, the “master” suddenly turned not into a TV repairman, but into an ordinary swindler from the category of those who call on the phone and start knocking out money on emotions.
In this case, the manipulation went “weak”.
With typical psychological tricks of scammers.
In parallel, a call from a landline phone in the region went to the wife’s number at the same time (most likely this is IP telephony and it could be installed anywhere).
They talked rudely and rudely.
It is clear that an equipment repairman is not capable of such verbal tricks and, in fact, he has no time to engage in verbiage, he has a completely different profile and has to earn money for his living – hands, head and technical education.

The photo shows a disassembled TV. The LCD backing is leaning against the back of the sofa. The screen is on a flat surface

In the photo there is a backlight board with LEDs that have not yet been tested
Further, after the application for the return of the equipment, the answer followed:
– “Come to the address Gafuri 54 and pick it up yourself, with payment of 900 rubles as for a large-sized courier delivery according to the contract.”
The scheme is simple.

Without doing anything, the withdrawal of money is deliberately developed according to the scheme.


Arriving at the indicated address and entering the repair center, we saw the counter and the young man on the city apparatus.
There was also a stand about the regalia of a certain company “MIR”.
Where the equipment was repaired is still not clear to me.
Traces of repairs, equipment delivered by other customers, personnel concerned, smell of solder, etc. did not have.

In the photo there is a master who fixed the problem at home. Gently opens the lcd screen mount
To the question:
-And where is the representative office in red and white colors LG?
came the answer:
-We are the official representatives.
To the question of granting an activity license, official permission or accreditation from LG, as well as permits and certificates for training and licensing activities of repairmen, there was one answer to all this, already the fourth person in the form of a young man who appeared from behind the screen and who introduced himself as a manager:
– “Write to [email protected], complain, they will answer you there.”
– Explained this subject, along the way, on the phone prepared in advance, indicating the composition of the claim and what should be applied there.
After a while, they again called the mobile from the head office from Moscow (at least they introduced themselves that way),

and asked to compile in detail everything as it was, describe what they did not like, draw up a complaint-claim, and they (the head office positioned itself as LG) will figure it out on their own with the subsequent punishment of the Ufa office in the form of deprivation of the salaries of all those involved.
Most likely, it was a call from the same persons, to correct and sharpen the errors of the scheme and to buffer the conflict, so that this act would not go too far beyond the unnecessary framework of the “comrades” data.
As a result, they did not contact us, due to the many uncomfortable questions, the last of which finished off the manager and he told us out of despair that the courier took 500 rubles for delivery.
Our TV set with a 43 ‘(inch) screen was returned to us, for 250 rubles as for small-sized equipment back.

An important note, you need to check right there for chips, scratches and tampering with your TV.

Solution to the problem

The next day we called the master by word of mouth.
At the indicated time, two middle-aged guys drove up in a good German new car, who, within an hour, in front of my eyes, carried out a “complex diagnostics” with a TV repair.
Having unrolled the back panel, the two of them carefully removed the LCD screen, leaning the backing against the back of the sofa and laying the screen itself directly on the sofa canvas, having first removed the board with LEDs from it.
As I expected from the diagnostics of the power lamp, 4 LEDs burned out.

(See video. Before calling at home, the master asked to shoot a video and upload it to the messenger.)

They had with them diodes, a hair dryer, glue, a soldering iron and hands.
Within 15 minutes, they identified the burned-out elements by applying voltage directly to the emerging track tape.
The board came to life and the burned out LEDs immediately went into blinking mode.
Then they removed the burned out 4-LEDs and soldered new ones.
The soldering was dried under a lamp for 10 minutes, since after soldering, the master applied some kind of glue or composition over the soldering, and the rest of the time was occupied by the assembly and disassembly of the TV itself.
The amount came out 2,000 thousand rubles.


After the collapse of the huge red machine called the USSR, there were practically no working specialists and specialties left in Russia.
Those specialists who have knowledge and skills are very busy and there are only a few of them, they are in great demand.
Therefore, basically, not only in this area, but also in others, there are not those people present who should occupy this niche.
And if the niche is empty, and there is demand in it, then we have what we have today.


For 10 adult men in Russia who feed pensioners and pay taxes (we do not take the rest into account),
account for 2% of officials, 2% of security officials, 2% of managers, salesmen, lawyers and accountants, 2% of attendants, security guards, drivers, salesmen
and so on, and only the remaining 2% are divided by doctors, teachers, engineers and workers.
Which, in fact, once constituted that labor army, which produced in the national gross product of the country, the best and highest quality things in the whole world.


I hope that these persons, who organized the villainous type of activity, will eventually be dealt with by our valiant law enforcement agencies, which should not be crushed at once like bedbugs, parasites of society. LG will check and revoke the license from MIR LLC, it probably simply does not exist, and the sites are doubles of the officials.

This “company” trades at Ufa st. Gafuri 54 tel. service center (347) 200-96-67 quality control department (800) 500-33-18.

Calls come from the phone number 8 (347) 200-97-38.
Dear blog visitors and citizens, be careful when choosing a repair service, be sure to read reviews about the repair of TVs or equipment when determining them for repair.
Although this scheme at the initial stage of choosing a service camouflages the address of the service and only then, when you go to pick up your equipment, you finally understand that this is a “sharashkin office”.

This ramified structure operates in all major cities of Russia.

I described here the manipulation of squeezing out money only on a specific equipment and manufacturer, but in fact, judging by the drawn up Agreement, and reviews on the request for “TV repair” on the Internet, citizens who handed over another type of equipment, smartphones, laptops and .etc.
Be healthy and attentive to yourself, to the people around you, events and circumstances.
See you in the next articles.

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